K&L Supply is proud to announce the New K&L Garage Lift! This lift allows you to effortlessly raise a bike to a comfortable working height in seconds with a power or cordless drill. Featuring a 1,200 lb. weight capacity and an adjustable deck, you can easily switch from lifting larger Harleys to the smallest of sport bikes.

The K&L Garage Lift employs a durable Acme Threaded Lifting Shaft, ensuring the lift will not lower until you lower it. This built in safety feature is accompanied by additional safety locks and tie down openings for added security. The portable design makes the K&L Garage Lift perfect for any shop, showroom or home garage.


• 1,200 lb. Max Capacity

• Max raised height of 30” inches

• Use high torque drill to raise and lower the unit

• Portable design stores away easily

• Durable Acme Threaded Lifting Shaft

• Adjustable Safety Locks

• One Year Warranty


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