Noxudol 700 Cavity Wax

Noxudol 700 is a rust preventive product free from solvents. Low viscosity binding compounds and additives have been mixed to enable application at room temperature.
The material forms a soft waxy, strongly hydro fob corrosive protecting film.

Noxudol 700 is a thin, penetrating rust protective compound intended for treatment of the hollow spaces of motor vehicles according to the ML method. In addition it may also be used as transport and storage protection for machines, machine parts, beams, motor parts etc.


Color: Light brown
Consistency: Liquid
Type of film: Soft, Vaxy
Density at 20° C: 930 ± 30 kg/m³
Dry content: > 97 %
Volatiles solvents:: < 1 %
Film thickness: 40 – 60 µm
Application temperature: 15 – 35° C
Removal with: Renox Milieu or white spirit
Storing time: 12 months
Storing temperature 5 – 35° C

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  • Category: Rust Prevention
  • Brand: Noxudol